Portfolio Design

It is our promise to provide clients with personalized, comprehensive professional portfolio management. We understand that each client presents a unique set of needs, objectives, and investment experience. Our initial meeting with you will involve an in-depth fact-finding session to uncover the information necessary to choose the best possible manager and build the best possible portfolio for your own set of personal needs.

Portfolio Design Process

We have developed a Four-Step Process to establish and construct a unique, personalized portfolio.

Step l: Determine Your Objectives

The initial step in our process is to get to know you and to determine your objectives and circumstances. Together, we will identify your willingness and ability to take investment risk in order to achieve long-term goals. Also we learn about any portfolio requirements for income, growth objectives, and any estate or tax issues that may affect how the portfolio is structured.

Step 2: Create Investment Plan

Following this initial meeting, the CI adviser designs an investment plan, with an asset allocation mix that meets the investment goals of the portfolio. The design contains a strategic level of diversification among the asset classes under consideration. Once agreed upon together with the client, a portfolio manager is chosen. This design becomes the foundation for constructing, executing and managing your portfolio. At each subsequent client meeting, the portfolio is reviewed with the portfolio manager to ensure that it continues to reflect accurately your goals, objectives and risk tolerance.

Step 3: Execution of the Investment Plan

Within the guidelines established with the client, CI's advisers purchase shares of stock/bonds in those companies meeting the stock selection criteria of the manager chosen. This process gets underway immediately and lasts for several months or longer depending on market conditions.

Step 4: Monitor the Investment Plan

We monitor the markets and portfolio positions on a daily basis. To meet your objectives, strategic and tactical adjustments to the portfolio will be made when deemed appropriate by the portfolio managers. We use a combination of proprietary market indicators and fundamental data to reach recommendations on trading decisions for the individual components in the portfolio.

Finally, to ensure we remain current with our client's objectives, we encourage regular meetings.